Happy New Year.. a bit belated!

Happy New Year to everyone! I wish all of you a happy, restful and peaceful time.   Most of us are back to business as usual now and the new year  holidays may feel like a distant memory. Conversely, many of us are still enjoying our new year resolutions and feeling fresh and inspired. Tell me, what did you resolve? As a very goal oriented person, I revel in the opportunity each year to set goals, evaluate the year that’s passed and calibrate myself for the year ahead. Last year at this time I was at the beginning of my first year running Lucy’s Project full time and was dedicated to seeing the organisation grow. It has been fantastic looking back on the many triumphs of 2018. we kicked it off the right way, winning the Lismore City Council, Citizen of the Year award for our work with Lucy’s Project. This mainstream recognition has opened so many doors for us. We held a great conference in September, launched the first vet training session on recognising domestic violence toward animals in a clinical setting and how to respond when a human victim might also be at risk. We gave presentations across Australia, engaged further with stakeholders and state group chapters, won a  grant from StreetSmart,  lots of administrative/corporate governance changes and more! There are a few unfinished projects still on the boil including a local crisis foster group for the Lismore Region, change of structure, our new website,  transcribing the lectures from the conference (where possible) and writing our 2019-20 strategy based on the outcomes of the conference.  The next national conference will be held in 2020.

Of course, it’s no secret that for me personally there have been some big changes in 2018! The birth of my daughter in late November completed my family and threw me into a bit of chaos with a few complications at the end of pregnancy and now a bit distracted as I adjust to a fussy baby and juggling family and work. I want to be one of those work from home mums you see in facebook ads, effortless balancing a baby on one knee as they tap furiously away at a keyboard in a white shirt and perfect hair. Alas, I’m still aiming to get the hang of that one! Family is a joy and I relish every moment with the littles. I’m blessed with two living children and one Angel Lucy who inspires me everyday and whose legacy drives me back to this desk with passion.

Unfortunately, this is not always the best time of year for families with emotions high, family conflicts at the fore, alcohol consumption increasing and sadly, an increase in instances of domesticated family violence. Look out for your friends and family, especially if you know they’re vulnerable and please, call for help if you need it.

Call 1800RESPECT https://www.1800respect.org.au

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