Research and Statistics

Quick Stats

  • 53% of women who experienced domestic violence reported the deliberate injury or killing of their companion animal (Gullone, 1994).
  • 19% of women who experienced domestic violence reported that their children had abused a pet.
  • 88% of families receiving services for child abuse had also abused their pets (Davidson, 1988).
  • 96% of animal abusers had also abused children (Humane Society, 2002).
  • Children exposed to domestic violence are three times more likely to engage in acts of animal abuse than their peers (Baldry 2005 and Currie 2006).

Image courtesy of Pet Project at Women's Aid Integrated Services,

Articles & Reports

Like pet, like partner: links between animal abuse and domestic violence (Sydney Morning Herald)

Intimate partner violence and companion animal welfare (Australian Veterinary Journal)

Abusers of animals are five times as likely to harm humans” The Animal Legal Defense Fund USA (Animal Legal Defense Fund)

Animal Abuse and Domestic Violence – when animal abuse can be an indicator of other types of violence present in the home (Stop Violence Against Women)

Building Animal Relationships with Kids (BARK) (Report by Estée-Mathilde Lambin)

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