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Domestic Violence and Animal Abuse – Perspectives Conference 2015

Lord Byron Resort, Byron Bay 6-8th November 2015

The conference will approach complex issues from a range of perspectives including human-animal crisis services, vets and domestic violence, challenges faced by rural and remote Australians, children and animal abuse, the role of veterinary forensics and empathy and anti-violence education programs. There will also be the presentation of results from current research projects, talks from invited speakers and discussion and focus groups on a range of topical subjects. Meet, network, share and learn from professionals, academics, students and other people working in this area from across the country.

Speakers include;
Dr Catherine Tiplady, author of Animal Abuse: Helping Animals and People
Gillian Cohen, General Manager, Domestic Violence Service Management NSW
Dr Di Evans, RSPCA SA Animal Welfare Advocate
Sandra Ma & Matt French, Safe Beds for Pets Program, RSPCA NSW
Lisa Peel and Richard Wainwright, Saving Grace Project, WA
Dr Lydia Tong, Veterinary Pathologist, University of Sydney/Department of Primary Industries NSW

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Lucy’s First Birthday Appeal

Founder Anna Ludvik presents a cheque for $1300 to Animal Rights and Rescue Group

Founder Anna Ludvik presents a cheque for $1300 to Animal Rights and Rescue Group

For many families, pets are as much a part of the family as any other human member. Often the only source of comfort to an abused child or adult, a victim will not leave a violent home whilst knowing the animal is left defenseless.

Often the perpetrator of violence knows that to hurt the animal is to hurt the victims themselves, using the animal as a form of psychological abuse or means to control the victim.  Without a safe place to take the animal, there is no end to the cycles of violence.  Local shelters play a vital part in breaking the cycle and without them, many more animals, children and adults would be at risk of enduring further violence.

Lucy’s Project recognizes that many human victims of domestic violence will not leave their homes until they know their animals will be safe from harm. Animal Rights and Rescue in Lismore offers a safe place for animals in need, many victims of domestic violence. Working with local organisations, ARRG is often called upon to find safe homes for animals in danger. Without ARRG, many animals would have nowhere to go.

See their website, for more information about their work.

We are proud to have raised $1300 for ARRG through Lucy’s First Birthday Appeal. Thank you to all who have contributed.

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