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Networking is central to our work and our members form the core of who we are. Organisations have benefitted from Lucy’s Project Membership in a number of ways;

  • Being put in touch with other organisations working on similar projects
  • Finding other organisations or funding opportunities to help their projects grow
  • Avoid ‘reinventing the wheel’
  • Collaboration
  • Promotion of events, training, fundraising and awareness raising
  • Participation in meetings
  • Being part of a passionate, driven community of like minded professionals
  • Promote your organisation on our website (new website due to be launched late 2019)
  • List your organisation in the service directory

You can become a member as an individual or as an organisation. Individuals are welcome to self represent and be involved in meetings, projects, build the movement, show support and work with us. As we don’t receive pubic funds, membership forms the basis of our income stream and we rely on membership fees to continue our work.

Individual membership are $20 per annum and organisation memberships are $150. 


Become a member in one of the following ways;

Organisations can become members here.

Individuals can become members here

Payment via Stripe.

For other payment methods

  •  Trybooking
  • Direct Debit – make a $20 donation to our account and then send an email to tell us a bit about you- what you do, where you are located, contact details etc and we’ll send you your membership number, receipt and access to member only benefits.

Lucys Project, Newcastle Permanent BSB 650 300 ACC 513837906.

  • Make cheques payable to Lucy’s Project Incorporated.

Or donate via PayPal:


At present, donations/memberships are not tax deductible. For a receipt, please email us with your name and details. Actually, we would like to know who you are to thank you personally, so please email us your details anyway! We will never share your details with anyone.

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