Concurrent Crises Webinar 1

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Bushfire, Drought, Covid-19 and Safety Planning for Animals Escaping DFV

Concurrent Crises Webinar 1

Bushfire, drought, Covid-19 and safely planning for animals escaping DFV.

People with animals experiencing domestic and family violence have had to navigate through multiple concurrent crises in the past 12 months. This webinar explores some of the responses to supporting victim survivors through bushfire, drought, COVID 19 and other natural disasters. It points to some important tools to support both people experiencing DFV and service providers . The key messages of needing to be prepared in advance, to know your community support mechanisms and the importance of creating a multi agency, collaborative case management team are highlighted. e hear from leaders in the field, EDVOS who are broadly prepared to support people with animals through multiple crises, Merri Health who have pioneered collaboration with councils to work together through crises, Blue Arc who have created a number of critical resources for people with animals in bushfire prone areas also pointing to other resources that can empower the movement to prepare for disaster. Cherished Pets share their key message of the need to work together with human and animal services. Proudly hosted by the University of Melbourne.

This is a re-recording of the first webinar in the series, originally held in August 2020. In this re-record allowed us to expand on the bushfire information in anticipation of summer approaching and in response to questions fielded in the first webinar.

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