Coercive Control Webinar 3

Fitting in Fido: Discussing complex case management when animals are in the family

What happens when a domestic and family violence/abuse (DFVA) victim-survivor enters a service and reveals that they have an animal under their care? What happens when that animal has behavioural issues, or complicated health needs? What if the victim-survivor is experiencing threats related to an animal left behind in the abusive situation? Likewise, what happens when animals enter foster care showing signs of trauma and abuse? What happens when their owner/carer is is in DFVA crisis and struggling to find long-term animal-friendly accommodation? These are just some examples of the complexity that can arise when animals are involved in DFVA situations. In this third webinar in our Coercive Control series, we will learn about how to better manage and support clients with complex cases in both the human and animal frontline service environment.

For this webinar we were joined by guest speakers Beatrice Tran (EDVOS) and Jacki Largo (Paws & Recover) to hear about complex case management from the perspective of both human and animal frontline workers.

Thank you for joining us to learn from these amazing speakers about how you can better assist humans and animals experiencing family violence crises.

This series is proudly funded by the NSW Government.

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To access our Factsheet on how you can prepare to manage complex cases involving animals, click here. 
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