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Lucy’s Project’s AWARE ARC program offers bespoke consulting
for organisations who regularly support people with animals experiencing
domestic and family violence. Our team have experience with creating animal
safe policies, creating animal intake forms, local referral pathways as well as
staff education and training. Our consulting can be tailored for human or
animal services.

Information for Frontline Service

AWARE ARC (Animal aWare, Animal Ready in DFV Emergency – creating Animal Ready Communities) is a cross-sector capacity building project. Empowering communities one region at a time, AWARE ARC trains frontline workers in human and animal services and creates local referral pathways to support people with animals experiencing domestic and family violence and abuse.

The pilot phase was funded by Northern Rivers Women’s Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Service, Lismore (WDVCAS) in 2020 and was expanded with a grant from Women NSW which has enabled the project to be rolled out further in the Northern Rivers, Hawkesbury and NSW South Coast .

If you or your organisation is interested in the training or in creating a network in your area to improve support for people and animals experiencing DFVA, please email

Training Webinars

Funded by Women NSW, Lucy’s Project’s AWARE ARC team has created a three part series of webinars specifically for professionals who support clients in the domestic and family abuse and violence sector in NSW.

Live webinars offer participants a chance to ask questions and share information and resources. We do not share live webinar recordings for participant privacy reasons. We do, however, grant access to pre-recorded versions of the webinars. Please follow the links below and complete the registration form to access these important resources.

Understanding Animal Abuse and Domestic and Family Abuse​

The link between animal abuse and DFV, barriers to leaving for people with animals, and the impact of animal abuse, DFV and trauma on children and animals.

Creating an Animal Inclusive DFV Practice” ​

Why animals should be included, benefits of an animal inclusive service, intake process and safety assessment form, and working with animal support agencies.

Safety Planning for People and Animals

“Safety planning for people and animals” is the third of three webinars, funded by Women NSW that Lucy’s Project’s AWARE ARC team created specifically for professionals who support clients in the domestic and family abuse and violence sector in NSW. Please note that some of the information is specific to NSW.

AWARE ARC Webinar for Vets and Animal Services

AWARE ARC is proud to present this training webinar for vets and animal services. This webinar is presented by Dr Anne Quain, lecturer at The University of Sydney School of Veterinary Science.

Training resources

What is an animal inclusive service?

Animals provide emotional support, unconditional love, and stability for many victim-survivors of domestic and family violence. This bond can be exploited by perpetrators, who may inflict or threaten harm to animals as a strategy to intimidate, coerce or control human victim-survivors. Having an animal inclusive practice validates the love and care that clients have for their animals and legitimises the human-animal bond. This fact sheet outlines how your service can be more animal inclusive.

Relevant Laws

This fact sheet contains a summary of the laws and other codes that are relevant to people with animals who are in a family/domestic violence situation.

Safety Plan for Animals

For a person leaving a domestic/family violence situation and taking animals with them, particularly large animals, planning is essential. This resource sheet details steps for preparation to leave with animals.

Dealing with Resistance

Resistance is “any form of response that denies, challenges or undermines efforts” to prevent social change. Whilst it is inevitable, it can be helpful to be prepared. This fact sheet gives tips on how to respond to resistance.

Shoalhaven & Hawkesbury Referral Pathway Booklets

Funded by Women NSW, South Coast Women’s Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Services (WDVCAS), and The Women’s Cottage, Lucy’s Project’s AWARE ARC team has created two referral pathway booklets: The Shoalhaven Local Referral Pathways for People and Animals Experiencing Domestic and Family Violence, and the Hawkesbury Local Referral Pathways for People and Animals Experiencing Domestic and Family Violence. 

These directories of animal services and crisis support services in the Shoalhaven and Hawkesbury regions can be used to facilitate communication between human and animal services, and to refer clients on to appropriate services. 

The two directories are available in both a digital version and a plain-text, print-friendly version. To access the print-friendly version, please see page 2 of the digital documents. 


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