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Domestic Violence and Animal Abuse, International Perspectives – Conference 2016 tickets now on sale!  We are proud to announce that Dr. Frank Ascione, USA and Dr. Freda Scott-Park, Scotland , Allie Phillips USA are among our international keynote speakers. Tickets available now but will sell out. Go to http://www.trybooking.com/KSHX or read more at Lucy’s Project 2016 Projects & Events.

International Keynote Speakers featuring at this years conference.

Dr Scott-Park

Dr Freda Scott-Park, BVM&S, PhD, Hon.DVM&S, MRCVS

Freda is a veterinary surgeon living and working in Scotland.
Freda is currently Chairman of the Links Group (UK), which aims to help all members – humans and animals – of families affected by domestic abuse.  The Links Group in the UK offers practical help and advice to vets and health professionals, as well as helping to make people understand why hurting humans and animals is unacceptable.

Allie&Lucy1 - April 2016

Allie Phillips, Author, Attorney, Advocate

Named one of America’s Top Animal Defenders of 2015
Founder, Sheltering Animals & Families Together (SAF-T)
Co-Creator, Therapy Animals Supporting Kids (TASK)
Award winning author of Defending the Defenseless: A Guide to Protecting and Advocating for Pets and How Shelter Pets are Brokered for Experimentation: Understanding Pound Seizure.

Allie will be giving two presentations- she will speak about SAF-T and TASK.

Dr. Frank Ascione, scholar in residence at the university of Denver.

Ascione is one of the most prolific and well known academics and thinkers in the movement who has inspired organisations such as Lucy’s Project to form around the world. He will be speaking about recent reforms in the USA, recognising the nexus between animal abuse and domestic violence. His presentation will be of particular interest to those interested in international law.

Via http://www.du.edu/socialwork/facultyandstaff/facultydirectory/visiting/ascione.html

About Us

At its core, the project aims to raise awareness of animals in violent homes. Sadly, animals are often harmed as a means of psychological abuse and torture for human victims of domestic violence. Knowing that an animal can be as treasured any other member of the family, the abuser threatens, tortures or harms the animal as a way of controlling the human victims. Often a person will not leave the family home for fear of what would happen to the animals. Without a safe shelter for the animal, the victim stays in a dangerous situation. Unfortunately this often leads to children being exposed to violence against animals and a normalisation of animal cruelty. Furthermore, it puts the child and the victim at ongoing risk.

This is an area of domestic violence not often spoken about. Some theories suggest that violence towards animals can be an indicator of future intimate family violence or at-risk children. However, there is not enough study or data in Australia to investigate this worrying likelihood.

Lucy’s Project therefore has the following objects:
– to reduce and prevent the use of animals as a tool to control and perpetuate violence against humans
-to raise awareness of the link between animal abuse and domestic violence
-to fund studies into the prevention of abuse
Ancillary to these objectives, the organisation will also
– Raise awareness of the animal victims of domestic violence
-support shelters and services that offer assistance to animal victims
-fund studies into the incidents of animal abuse
-fund early intervention programs and research
-create a network of organisations and individuals working in the field

Lucy’s Project is an incorporated association with big goals. Working with psychologists, lawyers, community interest groups, domestic violence services and the wider community, we aim to protect animals while offering hope for both children and adult victims of domestic violence.

Who was Lucy?
Lucy’s Project is in memory of Lucy, stillborn on 4th June 2013. In Lucy’s name, her mother was determined that innocent animal and human victims of domestic violence would have their voices heard. Lucy’s Project was conceived on the day that Lucy died. Forever loved, missed and wanted by both her parents, her legacy lives on in the message of hope that Lucy’s Project brings.

Please support us by making a donation to
Lucy’s Project, Newcastle Permanent BSB 650 300 ACC 513837906.

We always look forward to hearing from people working on similar projects or who would like to get involved with fundraising.