Monique Dam – AWARE ARC Team

Monique Dam – AWARE ARC Team

Monique Dam

What is your role?

I am the Project Lead for AWARE ARC


Why did you decide to work on the AWARE ARC project?

I previously worked at Domestic Violence NSW and this is where I first learnt about people perpetrating domestic and family violence (DFV) against animals, to harm them and their human family members who love them. I was very upset to learn about animals who have been killed, and the barriers they and their human families faced to accessing support. I connected with Lucy’s Project during this time and it is a privilege to now be able to work for the organisation.


What do you hope to achieve through the project?

I hope that more services and workers will acknowledge that animals are victims and survivors of DFV and their right to be safe too. I am striving to ensure that AWARE ARC equips workers and volunteers across the DFV, community and animal services sectors with more skills, knowledge and tools to support people and animals experiencing DFV. I am inspired by the passion and enthusiasm of the people that we have engaged with so far and am excited to be creating change together.


Who should get in touch with you and how?

I’d love to connect with anyone who is keen to learn more about the AWARE ARC project or who has any ideas or networks they would like to share. You can email me at aware-arc (at)

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