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Victorian tenants given right to have a pet under sweeping changes to rental laws

While landlords will still need to provide consent, they will only be able to refuse in certain circumstances.

Why is it so hard for humans to see animals as victims of domestic violence?

“For as long as we continue to have that great sense of superiority and dominion over [animals], they’ll only ever be trivialised.”

Keeping your pet safe when escaping domestic violence

When women know their pet will be safe it allows them to take care of themselves.

Animal abuse a ‘red flag’ in violent relationships, services warn

A domestic abuse counsellor says threats and attacks on pets are considered warning signs that an offender may commit even more serious acts of violence against a partner.

I used to drink until I passed out so I could forget my past. Then I got a cat

Relationships with pets have been shown to help survivors of domestic abuse recover from trauma.

Queensland landlords stripped of automatic refusal on pets in rental properties under new housing bill

The legislation also gives tenants experiencing domestic violence (DV) the right to end a lease with a week’s notice.

Where the Abused, and Their Pets, Can Be Safe

‘There is a growing understanding of how pets become pawns in the cycle of domestic violence.’

Abuse and abandonment: why pets are at risk during this pandemic

Throughout the pandemic domestic violence rates have skyrocketed… But animals are often left out of these conversations.

People in abusive relationships face many barriers to leaving — pets should not be one

The love between pets and people can be a great source of support, particularly in the midst of a pandemic, an abusive relationship or both.

Fears for pets can put abused women at further risk

As researchers looking into the intersection of abuse against people and animals, we asked survivors of intimate partner violence in shelters across Canada about a normally pleasant topic: their pets.

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